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"In the business world, the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield." ~Warren Buffett

Campaign Effectiveness

One of the top 100 trusted FMCG brand in India runs 200+ diverse promotional activities pan-India annually, through retailers, distributors and e-commerce platforms for its 300+ diverse products in multiple categories.

Business Objectives:

With huge client base scattered across the vast expanse of the country and the number of promotional channels and campaigns involved exploiting the immense opportunities was proving to be a challenging task. The company was losing on the revenue due to lack of informed decisions being taken about promotions and campaign.

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Repeat Purchase

Customers have a huge number of choices online across categories

Then a business owner wants to know,

  • How shall I know that a first time visited consumer will back for the second time or third or 4 time …?
  • Does a recommended consumer would come or not.

Based on the above business problems, Catalytics developed a highly artificial intelligence equipped solution with the application of predictive modeling & ensemble modeling techniques like GLM, Random Forest, Boosting, NNet, Bayesian Aggregation modeling.

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